Dwarven Forge Sign-up Instructions

Thank you for your Vorpal Board purchase through Dwarven Forge! Included is a free two month subscription where you can host role-playing games using Vorpal Board.

To redeem your free two months, add the Vorpal Board Subscription to your cart from our shop and use the code DFVORPAL during checkout. Be sure to use the same email as your Dwarven Forge order.

To play games…

  • Review our guide on how to setup games in Vorpal Board
  • Download the Vorpal Board mobile app for tabletop streaming on iTunes or Google Play
  • On your computer go to our web app
  • Login using your registration info
  • Create a room
  • Copy the url and send it to the other players
Once you get through the basics, we also have some how-to-play D&D videos on our YouTube channel to help you get the most out of Vorpal.

If you have any questions, take a look at our setup, FAQ, or troubleshooting guides. You can also join our discord to get help from community members or contact us. Welcome to Vorpal Board!