Get Game Night Back

Play your favorite tabletop games with family and friends as if you’re sitting around the same table.

Game Anywhere

Vorpal Board makes it easy to reclaim game night no matter where your family and friends are. Play any game off your shelf using our combination of table streaming and component scanning technology. 


Vorpal Board enables you to play all of your tabletop games using a combination of simple and innovative features.


Video Chat

Talk with your friends and family like they are sitting at the table with you.

Table Streaming

Ultra high resolution table streaming. See every bit of the game.

Component Scanning

Easily turn physical pieces into digital assets for remote players to interact with.


Deck Management

Build decks out of digital cards for players to shuffle, draw, and maintain secrecy.

Digital Dice

Roll beautiful standard and custom 3D dice on screen for all players to see.

Game Saving

Keep all your assets safe to pick up where you left off at a later time.

Invite Anyone

Playing Vorpal Board couldn’t be easier. All you need is our smartphone app and an internet connection.

Create a game and send a link to your remote players. Nothing to install, right in your browser.


Vorpal Board is clean and intuitive, and it will be a tremendously useful tool for designers. Playtesting a game with people around the world is as simple as scanning the latest version of a game.


Designer, Tiny Towns

An absolutely incredible product that has changed online tabletop gaming.  I love that I can connect with friends around the world and play with real terrain and minis. 


Sports Entertainer/Gamer

There is no other online platform that comes close to recreating the “shared table” experience. As a dungeon master and player, it’s the only platform I will ever use for remote gaming.


Dungeon Master, @InkdMage

Get Going in No Time

Our simple smartphone app and easy-to-use hardware make playing games remotely as simple as sitting down at the table.

Easily scan in game assets or import from your device. Everything is saved and usable for your next game session.