Login and Create a Room

Learn how to login and create a room using your Vorpal Board account. Once connected, you will see how to invite remote players to join your game session. Get game night back quickly and easy using Vorpal Board. Be sure to check out all the How-To video posts here or conveniently built as a playlist on YouTube.

October 10, 2020

Dice Builder Overview

Learn how to build and roll custom 3D dice using the dice builder and your Vorpal Board account. You can customize dice color and faces using a combination of text and SVG images. Once created, search for dice in the dice drawer by title...

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Vorpal Board Player Overview

Learn the basic functionality available in this Vorpal Board Player Overview video. Share this video with new players before their first game on the platform. We cover connecting to a game, changing your name & color, rolling dice, and...

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Scan Components

Learn the different ways to scan components into a Vorpal Board session in this video overview. We show two different methods of scanning and direct importing. Bring in any physical or digital component that you need for your games for...

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Connect and Stream Your Tabletop

Learn how to use your Android or iOS device to a connect and stream your tabletop to a Vorpal Board game session. Remote players will be able to see an interact with everything that you see locally. It's as if they're sitting at the table....

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Arm and Box Setup

James covers the basics in this arm and box setup video. This includes an overview of how to setup the Vorpal component scanning box and adjust the phone mounting arm. See how to correctly slot together the box parts for a snug fit....

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Vorpal Board Unboxing

Join James for a full Vorpal Board Unboxing. This video includes an overview of all the items that come in your Vorpal Board box: card index sheets, component scanning sheet, phone mounting arm and component scanning box. Be sure to check...

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Host Demonstration

Hosting a game session using Vorpal Board is quick and easy. This host demonstration video shows you how to scan in game assets and align your smartphone for table streaming. See how easy it is to setup to play Gloomhaven remotely....

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Remote Player Demonstration

It is quick and easy to get your friends and family connected to a Vorpal Board game session. Watch this remote player demonstration video to get going. The video covers how to start a game room, invite remote players, and play a game of Pandemic....

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